About Us

Organisational structure, mission statement, and legal status.

Galtres Festival is owned by a charitable foundation, registered by the Charity Commission.

The mission statement for the festival's event management team is to organise an annual summer festival which:

Promotes original live music, dance and performance – both as audience and as artist – in line with our music and dance policy

Promotes local beers and local food and drink suppliers, in line with our food and drink policy

Encourages the participation of children, young people and families through creative and challenging activities, in line with our families and young people policy

Protects the local environment, in line with our environment and conservation policy

Raises funds for charities and community groups, in line with our charities policy

Is inspired by and celebrated by our local community, and which supports local businesses and community groups

Is great fun, culturally diverse, inspirational, different from other events, challenging, and which broadens people’s horizons.

Galtres Festival is registered in England number 5908090. The company's objects are "to make grants for such charitable purposes as the company shall in its absolute discretion determine". Registered charity number 1116636.

This year's Camp Galtres is a private event run for the Foundation by Crucial Events Promotion Ltd.